Command and Control Practice

Command & Control mission critical communications solution, is designed to meet the complex demands of critical communication centers throughout the world.


Ductus Command and Control Center (D-CCC) is specifically designed for use in critical infrastructure like Smart Cities, airports, ports, mass transportation, energy as well as industrial complexes like oil and gas, chemical and pharmaceutical, heavy industries or campuses, e.g. higher education. As an integral part of the Surveillance family, this solution provides reliable, scalable and efficient security management by combining multiple safety and security subsystems with command and control features. This unique approach enables fast and effective decision making for managing daily routine operations and time-critical processes, as well as crisis and emergency situations.

We offer CCC working with leading companies such as Hitachi, HPE, Qognify. Our practice has been involved in deals close to Rs. 150 Cr. Today we serve Smart cities, defense, large public sectors across India and South East Asia.

Ductus exceptionally seasoned consulting team helping Government agencies to design and develop requirements and architecture for its Initiatives under Digital India. Our deep understanding of the ecosystem makes us the natural choice.

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Advanced Electronics Practice

Enabling Aftermarket Services as a Growth Driver for Service Providers and Equipment Providers

Original-equipment manufacturers (OEMs) face a challenging and uncertain future. In recent years, input prices have fallen and growth in emerging markets has slowed, decreasing new-equipment sales in industries ranging from Telecom, Infrastructure, broadcasting, Defense, oil and gas to agriculture to commercial aerospace. In response, such companies are increasing their focus on aftermarket services—the provision of parts, repair, maintenance, and digital services for the equipment they sold.

Ductus advance Electronics practice provides high end electronics support services to various OEMs and services providers across the Industries.


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